Hulu CEO Jason Kilar Speaks About The Future Of TV At IGNITION

Jason Kilar and Henry Blodget

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And we’re off!IGNITION: The Future Of Media is under way at the Time Warner centre in New York. We’re kicking things off with a one-on-one between our own Henry Blodget and Hulu CEO Jason Kilar.

Live blog starts here:

8:52 – HB: You’ve created a model where you’re actually paying content creators for online premium video, but it’s digital dimes versus analogue dollars. Can you ever match what cable gives content creators?

8:53 – JK: We obviously have a long way to go. No one considers Hulu Plus or Netflix to be a cable replacement yet. But we actually pay more than cable per viewer.

8:57 – JK: We’re constantly reminding ourselves that we’d never be in this position if not for the courage of people like Jeff Zucker and Bob Iger. We need forward-looking old media execs for this to work. But at they end of the day, Hulu works.

9:00 – JK: “In the summer of 2007 we were a clown co.”

9:02 – JK: “We care about monetization per minute of content consumed. It should basically be a jump ball” over who can do the best job of that.

9:03 – HB: So how do you stack up against Netflix on monetization of content consumed per minute?

9:04 – JK:  We’re better than DVR, which is the relevant comparison. That’s the opportunity cost.

9:04 – JK: On a per user basis, Hulu is much more attractive than the other options out there.

9:05 – JK: “The best content tends to have a buyer already.”

9:06 – JK: “We firmly believe that consumers world wide deserve a service like Hulu.”

9:07 – HB: So we heard IPO this year. Then we read it won’t be until next year. What’s up?

9:08 – JK: Yeah, I read about that to. But I never said anything about it, and I’m not about to start.

9:09 – JK: Consumers have spoken loud and clear that they want what they want where they want when they want. It’s up to the industry to figure out a model to make that work.

9:09 – And that’s a wrap!

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