Groupon Demolishes Expectations

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Groupon’s first-quarter earnings are out!Looks like a huge beat on the top and bottom lines.

The stock is going crazy in extended trading. It’s up more than 15 per cent. Shares of Groupon were up about 17.5 per cent in regular trading today.

Groupon also announced that it is extending its lock-up period to June 1.

In the mean time, here’s the score card, compared to analyst estimates¬†according to Yahoo Finance:

  • Q1 2012 EPS: $0.02 vs. $0.01 Wall Street estimates
  • Q1 2012 Revenue: $559.3 million vs. $530.6 million Wall Street estimates
  • Q2 2012 Revenue Forecast: $550 million to $590 million vs. $558.7 million Wall Street estimates

A full transcript of the conference call and question-and-answer session is included below.

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