Governor Paterson Quits The Race -- But Remains Delusional

Update: Very bizarre. That went over like a ton of bricks. The bottom line is that yes, Paterson, is quitting the race, but only because of “distractions” and not because of anything he did. Basically he thinks he’s a victim.

Original post: Governor Paterson is set to announce that he’s quitting the race to retain his position.

The announcement is scheduled for 3:00, though it hasn’t started yet.

You can watch a webcast here, or keep refreshing this page for the latest.

3:01: Still no Governor. Just an empty podium.

3:02: NY1 (which is where we’re watching) is interviewing NYMag writer Chris Smith, who is the author of this excellent profile.

3:06: Still no Paterson. We’ll update next when he comes out.

3:11: Yeah, still nothing…

3:13: And there he is, with his wife.

3:13: Talks up his legacy of his 25-year career in politics.

3:14: Talks about how daring he was when he acted alone to save New York’s fiscal situation last year.

3:15: Makes a big point about how he’s done a lot for women-owned businesses. So far this sounds like a campaign speech.

3:16: Still talking about what a good job he’s done.

3:17: Calls the latest revelation a “distraction.”

3:18: Announces he’s not running.

3:18: I’ve never once abused power.

3:18: “When the facts are reviewed, the truth will prevail…”

3:18 Promises to serve every last one of his 318 days as governor. Lots of business left to do.

3:19: And now he’s taking questions.

3:19: ‘I was disturbed that a lot of unsubstantiated rumours spread in the papers for three weeks…’ He says he hopes the stand he took at that time will help others who seek to run in the future.

3:20: And that’s it! In the end. To hear his side, he’s done basically nothing wrong, but was the victim of a culture that attacks our public servants.

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