Live Gamer: No World Of Warcraft Deal

Earlier today we wondered why video game players would want to use soon-to-be-launched Live Gamer to buy and sell virtual goods. That prompted a phone call from co-founder Andy Schneider, who wanted to set us straight.

The short version: Andy says his company will guarantee that gamers get what they pay for, that they’re paid for what they sell, and that the games they’re playing allow them to buy and sell what they’re buying and selling. None this currently exists, he says, and since we don’t trade virtual goods ourselves, we’ll have to take his word for it.

One significant correction to our earlier post: Live Gamer doesn’t have a deal with Vivendi, which publishes the insanely popular World of Warcraft game. That’s a significant problem for Live Gamer, since the company will only allow players to buy and sell goods in games it has deals with — and not having WoW leaves a huge, gaping hole. We hear that they’re unlikely to get Vivendi to ever give them a piece of the action, so presumably Live Gamer thinks they can live with out the game.

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