Live From New York, It's...Founders' Club!

It was a big night on a big stage: Studio 8H at 30 Rock, the set of “Saturday Night Live.” 

Howard Lindzon of WallStrip stopped by before heading off to dinner with Herb Scannell of Next New Networks, Polaris Ventures, and Ian Sigalow of Greycroft.  Howard is reveling in his status as a bicoastal angel, and he waxed enthusiastic about his latest video investment, TubeMogul. Ian had never heard of TubeMogul, but he’d heard of Digisynd, a Greycroft investment and TubeMogul competitor.  Before leaving for dinner, Howard promised that Wallstrip host Lindsay Campbell would arrive, and, happily, she did.

We asked a boa-less Laurel Touby, MediaBistro’s founder and CEO, who was surrounded by large men, what it was like to be owned.

“Depends on what kind of girl you are,” Laurel responded, perfectly, with a perfect smile.  Then she added that, in this case, she was grooving on it, and she pulled a card out of a knee-high black leather boot and praised her new owner, Alan Meckler (not present), for leaving MediaBistro alone.

The dashing Roger Jehensen of uGen Media briefly put his arm around the dashing Hilary Rowland of, and then, perhaps remembering our coverage of his conversation with Hilary at the August Founders’ Club, removed his arm and pointed to his ring.  Then Roger told a disarming story about how, in the old days, at DoubleClick, he had mistakenly asked a not-pregnant woman when she was due, and upon hearing her respond that she wasn’t pregnant, compounded the disaster by saying, “Oh, come on.”

Greycroft partner Alan Patricof (God) drifted past, as did Disney’s Bernard Gershon and super-angel Ron Conway, who was in town for the Quadrangle conference.  Stephen Messer, once of LinkShare, now of a stealth-phase company so promising that one of its “side businesses” just poached the CTO of, wouldn’t say what the company does but promised that we would be blown away.

Miles Kronby
of Bonnier chatted with Matt Harris of Village Ventures and Sean Marsh of Point Judith Capital.   Matt and his partner, Bo Peabody (NP), believe along with much of the smart money that “ideas are overvalued,”  so he and Bo are starting companies, not just investing in them (thus avoiding overpaying for the ideas).  Mitch Jacobs of On Deck Capital confirmed that the company is now live and lending.  Daniel Klaus of Music Nation described what we missed at MN’s Halloween Bash–specifically, Daniel dressed as Hugh Hefner, MediaNet general counsel Cindy Charles dressed as a go-go girl, and, at 3:30am, AlleyCorp CEO (and SAI chairman) Kevin Ryan ripping up the dance floor.

Marc Cenedella agreed that TheLadders will do $30 million this year and $60 million next and is already cash flow positive. Jon Miller of Velocity investments seemed quite content with post-hell AOL Time Warner life.  Alexis Maybank of basked in the glow of having just signed a Series A term sheet at a $17.5 million pre-money valuation, and Alexis’s colleague and co-founder, Alexandra Wilson, confirmed that Gilt’s Zac Posen sale is Tuesday.  David Kidder of Clickable acknowledged that he had somehow found time to write the hardcover books being given away by the door (The Intellectual Devotional series…)

Founder’s founder (and exec) Dina Kaplan observed, charmingly, while on the SNL stage trying to thank the event’s sponsors, that the problem with a free bar is that everyone’s too busy drinking and schmoozing to listen. Someone from kind host NBC Digital also spoke, but it wasn’t Beth Comstock, prompting the usual flurry of rumours that she’s headed back to GE. Notes on a Party planner Celia Chen wondered what she was going to do next time to top SNL

Brian O’Kelley, former CTO of Right Media, explained how he had recently emerged from a two-month retirement to raise money for his new development infrastructure company–only to be informed by regional Silicon Valley VC firm Sequoia that infrastructure companies can’t be built in New York.  So the SOHO Building-based Brian has said the heck with Sequoia, raised money from a less provincial VC, and is now building a successful infrastructure company in New York.

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