A Shot-By-Shot Rundown Of Tiger Woods' Back Nine At The British Open

Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods is third place midway through his second round at Royal Lytham & St. Annes, five shots behind leader Brandt Snedeker, who finished the day at 10-under.We’ll give you shot by shot coverage of Tiger’s back nine right here.

No. 10: Woods hit a casual two-iron to the centre of the fairway, avoiding the bunkers scattered around the landing area. His approach left him a very makeable mid-range uphill putt for birdie, which he hit firmly but missed to the left of the cup. He tapped in for a comfortable par.

One of Woods’ main problems in the first round was that he routinely hit his putts short on the wet and slow greens, but he’s been much more aggressive today.

No. 11: The eleventh is a 598-yard par-5 with a green well-guarded by four bunkers in the front. Yesterday, Woods hit a two-iron off the tee and ended up with a par on the hole.

He selected the two-iron again today but fired through the fairway on the right and ended up in the secondary cut (nearly hitting an unsuspecting media member), but he avoided the knee-high rough further away from the fairway.

His second shot out of the rough was disappointing — Woods punched the ball out but pulled it across the fairway and ended up in the left rough.

With a shot to the green too dangerous given the bunkers, Woods just popped the ball to the right side of the fairway short of the green to give himself a good angle to the pin, which is tucked away in the left-front portion of the green. Woods will have to get up and down for par.

Tiger was forced to back off his fourth shot due to a loud camera click as he was about to swing, and then he bombed a short wedge over the pin that barely held the fringe. He chipped to just a few feet away with his fifth shot, and will tap in for bogey to slide back to 4-under.

No. 12: A 196-yard par-3 with a very large green. Six bunkers guard the front of the green. Woods took a par at No. 12 on Thursday. With his tee shot, Woods landed the ball about hole high but it rolled another 10 yards, and was well right of the flag. A par is likely.

Tiger hit a very well-weighted lag putt to just a few inches, and tapped in for par.

The weather conditions have settled down and are optimal for scoring, so Woods will have to be disappointed if he doesn’t make a few more birdies over the next six holes — especially since the weather is projected to be much worse for the weekend. The BBC commentators are claiming they’ve never seen such calm weather at a British Open, and compared it to the type of conditions you normally see at PGA Tour events.

No. 13: 355-yard par-4, with a green situated well right of the tee box. Tiger hit a low 2-iron to the centre of the fairway to leave himself a short shot into the green.

Woods had 123 yards to the pin and carried a wedge about 120 before it spun back a bit, leaving himself an uphill putt and a chance for birdie.

The putt had a three to four-foot left to right break, and Woods hit it too firmly, missing by a few inches. He tapped in for par. The difference between Snedeker and the rest of the field today has been putting — Snedeker drained most of the makeable birdie chances he saw, and has yet to make a bogey in the tournament.

No. 14: A 444-yard par-4 with a very difficult opening tee shot. Players must land the ball in a narrow patch of fairway surrounded by bunkers on either side, and have to manage two more bunkers guarding the front of the green on the approach. Woods hit another flush two-iron straight down the middle of the fairway.

His strategy off the tee so far has been pretty simple: limit the chance of landing in a bunker by hitting long irons, while settling to hit long irons into the green. Though he’s been successful in finding the fairway (he was the best in the field yesterday), hitting longer shots into the green invariably leaves longer birdie chances — and so far, Woods hasn’t made many spectacular putts.

His approach to the fourteenth green missed just right, but he should have a comfortable up-and-down for par. Another opportunity missed after a fantastic tee shot.

Woods chipped to about three feet and tapped in for par to stay at 4-under, six shots back.

No. 15: 462-yard par-4 with 14 bunkers strewn about the fairway and green. Woods took a bogey here yesterday, but hit another two-iron to the fairway with his first shot.

Woods was left with 230 yards to the pin and hit a slight draw to a back-right hole location, but landed near the front of a large green and left himself with a long, long birdie chance.

Tiger nearly holed what was a 45-footer, but it slid past the hole, and Woods tapped in for par.

No. 16: 336-yard par-4 with a blind tee shot and bunkers on the left and right sides of the fairway. Woods will almost certainly hit an iron here (he’s used the driver just once today, on No. 2).

Woods did use a two-iron, and landed the ball in the right portion fo the fairway.

One of Tiger’s playing partners, Sergio Garcia, blasted a driver through the left side of the fairway and ended up in a thicket of nasty rough — which is exactly why Tiger is sticking with his two-iron-off-the-tee approach.

Woods had 146 yards left and chose to choke down on a nine-iron but didn’t quite hit the ball far enough, leaving himself 20 feet to the hole.

He buried the putt, which broke from right to left, to move to 5-under, five shots back. The birdie is his first on the back nine all week.

No. 17: 453-yard par-4 with a dangerously small landing area from the tee. Even iron shots are in danger of finding the bunker if not controlled well. Woods smashed another stinger two-iron to the right centre of the fairway. His seven-iron to the green was solid, and will leave him with about a 15-foot birdie putt.

Tiger missed the uphill putt to the left, and tapped in for par.

No. 18: 413-yard par-4 with seven staggered bunkers to avoid off the tee and a very long green. Woods made par at No. 18 Thursday.

Again, Woods went with a two-iron off the tee and found the centre of the fairway. His approach with an 8-iron missed the right side of the green and found one of the pot bunkers.

Woods holed his shot from the bunker at 18 to move to 6-under for the tournament, just four shots off the lead. Incredible shot from Tiger:

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