Day 2 Of Clashes Begins With Non-Stop Gunfire, And At Least One Dead

Update 10:18: The State Department just put out the word for all Americans to get to the airport ASAP if they want to get out.

Update 10:17: US futures are moving lower as more gunfire erupts.

Update 9:47: There are reports of at least one person dead. And again the big fear is that there will be a major push from the pro-Mubarak camp at some point Thursday morning.

Update 9:38: More gunfire. Talk that shots are aimed at the “legs and feet” of the anti-Mubarak crowd.

Update 9:24: LOTS of gunfire being heard right now on Al-Jazeera

Original post: All indications suggest that Thursday is going to look like Wednesday, except possibly more violent.

It’s just after 4:00 AM in Cairo as of this posting.

In just the last half an hour or so, there have been reports of pro-Mubarak thugs re-attempting to enter the square.

And this time they’re using live fire, which is very ominous.


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