NO FIST PUMPING: A Few Spots Where You Can Hear Some Killer Live DJing In NYC This Weekend

Cameo Gallery DJs NYCLinette Lopez, Business InsiderGetting it. Cameo Gallery, NYC

Anyone can throw on some tunes and dance, but DJs that work with vinyl, that know how to mix, and know how to create an atmosphere — that you can’t find just anywhere.

But this is New York City, not just anywhere.

Consider this a quick but gentle reminder that there’s no reason to not know where to dance to some killer tunes in this town. And we’re not talking about some 19 year-old putting their iTunes on shuffle.

This weekend alone you’ve got legends playing in lounges, visitors bringing it from other cities that know how to shake it, and a deep techno boat cruise for the real heads.

Here’s a run down with some particulars:

  • Kinfolk Studios, a Williamsburg bar, restaurant and art studio, is hosting a/jus/ted for their Friday night bash — that means two DJs, Eddie Mars and Justin Strauss, will be switching off all night. Mars is a 20-something kid that’s been impressing musicians around town with his killer production skills. Justin Strauss is a legend. He started DJ ing at the Mud Club in the 1980s and hasn’t stopped since, doing gigs at nightclubs that have gone down in NYC history as absolute living ends (like The Limelight, for example). Together, they’re sick. They spin vinyl. Forget the computers. Sorry Avicii.
  • On Saturday starting at 4:00 pm the DJs at Resolute are having a little boat party. This one’s not for the faint of heart. Resolute is deep techno — light on the vocals. Think French models wearing sunglasses at night. Think no fist pumping. We’d say where the after party is, but they were lukewarm on it the last time we wrote about them.
  • Every now and then NYC has the pleasure of hosting two of Philly’s finest, JDH and Dave P, at one of its venues. This weekend it’s Cameo Gallery, a spot with an unassuming bar in the front and a dance party in the back.
  • Also on Saturday New York has the pleasure of hosting another legend, Germany’s Move D. He’s helping to celebrate the 4 year anniversary of Discovery, one of our hometown record labels. The party’s at Glasslands Gallery.

See? Easy.

And if you want to feel the vibe a little more, check out this a/jus/ted track, released earlier this year called ‘Stay Up Here’. If you’ve never heard it, you should probably make up for lost time ASAP.

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