Live Current Pays $50 Million For Cricket, But No Games

The onetime domain squatter formerly known as (CMNN) is paying some big money to build a business around one of its addresses. The company, which has changing its name to Live Current Media, owns 800-some domains, including And now it’s just paid $50 million over 10 years for the right to build official sites for India’s pro cricket league.

The Vancouver-based firm inked a deal for the right to develop official Web sites for the Board of Control for Cricket In India, and the DLF Indian Premier League. It’s a revenue-sharing deal that guarantees payments of at least $3 million to BCCI and $2 million to the Indian Premier League each year, including a percentage of advertising, sponsorship and merchandise sales. The first site,, launches Friday, the first day of India’s 44-day cricket season.

Keep in mind, this is is for the rights to photos, scores, play-by-play and other content–but not the actual games. Those rights are held by in North America, which sells on-demand and live video of games for $59 for 59 games.

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