Cisco Beat Expectations For The Quarter But Revenues Still Dipped By 8%

Cisco just reported its quarterly earnings. A lot of eyes are watching Cisco this quarter because it set the bar very low for itself. It warned that revenues would decline by 8-10% over the previous quarter.

Cisco reported: Q2 Revenue: $US11.2 billion (decrease of 8% year over year) and Q2 EPS of $US0.27 GAAP and $US0.47 non-GAAP.

Analysts expected 46 cents earnings per share on revenue of about $US11.03 billion for the second quarter. So that’s a beat and good news for Cisco.

But the cup is half empty considering the decline from year-ago revenue.

Cisco will also pay a $US0.19 per common share dividend, a two-cent increase over the previous quarter’s dividend.

Here’s financial charts from Cisco’s press release.

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