Apple Reveals New Products!

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Update: Apple just revealed a bunch of new products, revamping its lineup of laptops, and refreshing its mobile and desktop software.We took live notes of everything as it was being revealed. Those notes are below.

For individual pieces of news, follow these links:

  • Apple revealed a new MacBook Pro. It has a retina display, and it’s almost as thin as a MacBook Air. However, it’s much heavier. It starts at $2,100.
  • It revealed some new features for the Mac. You get “documents in the cloud,” voice dictation, new notifications, and a few new apps.
  • The new operating system, Mountain Lion, will cost $20.
  • Siri learned a bunch of new tricks: It can look up sports scores, it can make reservations, and it’s on the iPad.
  • Apple introduced new Maps for iOS. This is a biggie. Good-bye to Google Maps. It also includes turn-by-turn directions. Sadly, it looks like there is no transit directions.
  • Apple also added Facebook integration to its phones and computers.
  • ANALYSIS: Apple is going to try to kill Google.

Original: Here we go!

Apple is going to reveal a bunch of new products. We’re here to live blog everything that happens.

We lost our live stream so we’re scanning Twitter, The Verge, Gdgt, and a bajillion other sources for details about what’s being announced.

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