Amazon Misses!


Photo: Photo Illustration by Business Insider

Amazon’s second-quarter earnings are out!It looks like a miss!

Amazon reported an EPS of $0.01, and Q2 sales of $12.8 billion.

$65 million of that lost was due to its acquisition of Kiva Systems, a company that makes robots that maintain inventory warehouses.

That’s compared to consensus Wall Street estimates of $0.02 for EPS and $12.9 billion in revenue.

Amazon also sees a Q3 operating loss of between $50 million and $350 million, versus Wall Street estimates of income of $119.6 million.

Amazon is working on releasing new tablets later this year. Amazon is also reportedly working on a smartphone.

Amazon sees Q3 revenue of $12.9 to $14.3 billion, which includes the Wall Street estimate of $14.1 billion.

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