75 Incredible Photos Of Human Chameleon Liu Bolin

China’s Liu Bolin has mastered the art of camouflage. He paints himself into the backgrounds of photos so that he almost completely disappears.

Often called the “Human Chameleon,” Bolin began his foray into photography for political reasons in 2005, according to his book, “Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man.” The Chinese government’s demolition of the Suo Jia Artist Village in Beijing inspired his most famous series, which shows him “hiding” in Beijing, New York, Venice, and other locations around the world.

Each of his works, although varied, require an average of 10 hours of painting.

The following photos show some of his most stunning creations, courtesy of Liu Bolin Art Studio and Eli Klein Fine Art. See if you can spot him.

Here are some more unbelievable images from his project 'Hiding in the City' in Beijing:

Courtesy of Liu Bolin Art
Courtesy of Liu Bolin Art
Courtesy of Liu Bolin Art

If you had trouble spotting the human chameleon ...

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