This is how little kids react these days when you show them a VCR

Benny and Rafi Fine — better known as TheFineBros —  have a wildly successful and often hilarious YouTube channel.

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Their videos show kids reacting to “ancient” electronic relics, including the Walkman and what the internet looked like in the 90s.

In the Fine brothers’ latest video, kids are shown a VCR. Their reactions are, predictably, hilarious.

A couple kids actually correctly identified what the VCR was. Most had no idea. “You put in a tape, and it plays music, right?” one said.

Among those who had no idea what the VCR was, guesses ranged from a CD player, to a “music player thing,” to a projection screen and a DVD player.

Then, the Fine Brothers helped the kids piece together how to use the VCR, complete with a TV and a tape. The number of buttons on the VCR proved overwhelming, but the kids finally figured out how to use it.

When the narrator tells the kids what a VCR does — including how you can record TV onto a tape in a VCR — one girl says, “Now you can just do that with a button on a remote.”

The kids also weren’t impressed that you used to have to drive to a store to rent movies.

“Nobody would die if we still had these things today, but it’s a lot easier to watch my favourite show just online,” 12-year-old Marlhy said.

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