A private island in South Florida just sold for $10 million less than its $24.5 million list price

An island paradise off the coast of Florida just sold for $US14.5 million to a former teacher and homemaker.

With 104 acres of pristine wilderness and 3.5 miles of oceanfront, the island is a certifiable semi-tropical paradise. It also has a four-bedroom Spanish villa-style home on it, built in 1928.

Though the asking price was $US24.5 million, the owners were looking to move quickly and all serious offers were considered. This led to the $US14.5 million final selling price.

The new owners are Mark Pentecost, a former teacher and homemaker turned entrepreneur, and his wife Cindy.

Michael Saunders and Company handled the listing.

An entire mass of land in South Florida called Little Bokeelia Island is up for sale.

The island covers 104 acres.

It sits near regular 'Bokeelia island', which is itself very close to the much larger Pine Island. All the islands sit off the west coast of Florida, near the metropolitan area of Fort Myers.

The property also includes a manor house originally built in 1928.

It's been completely renovated and kept up to date.

The Spanish style influences permeate the home.

Mediterranean archways are central to nearly every room in the house, both inside and out.

Every detail has been carefully considered.

A natural wood staircase takes you to the second floor.

The rustic woods and light colours really make the four bedroom villa feel like an island paradise.

Electricity is provided from the mainland, which powers the many ceiling fans and other appliances.

Every room has an amazing view of the beauty outside.

From the house, all you can see is the pristine island.

Ample covered spaces protect your outdoor furnishings from the harsh Florida sun.

There are a ton of outdoor verandas.

There's even an outdoor dining area.

There's no bridge to the island, which eliminates the need for an actual driveway.

But there are plenty of docks are at your disposal.

As well as beautiful flower gardens

Private beachfront surrounds the island.

Other natural features include waterfalls and untouched woodlands.

A private Florida retreat wouldn't be complete without swimming pools.

The island actually has enough land for 28 other homes.

But the owners of the original house bought the rest of the land to ensure there would be no additional development.

Apart form the main house, there are other other outbuildings and huts on the property.

The former owners spent 26 years developing the island to be their version of paradise.

They sold it to Christian mission work, according to ABC News.

The new owners are Mark and Cindy Pentecost. Mark is a former teacher and homemaker turned entrepreneur.

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