IN PICTURES: The Lives Of Ridiculously Wealthy Russian Kids


Photo: Anna Skladmann

German photographer Anna Skladmann spent time in Russia photographing beautiful images of the children of the Russian elite.All of the photos Skladmann took were compiled into Little Adults, written by Bill Kouwenhoven, which comes out in July.

The children’s parents are successful restaurateurs, businessmen, actors, and members of the Russian intelligentsia.

Lisa sitting at her dining room table, Moscow 2010

Nikita and Alina at the Italian Embassy, Moscow 2009

Vova in his grandfather's theatre, Moscow 2010

Roman at the Tattoo Parlor, Moscow 2009

Etia in her bedroom, Moscow 2009

Alina standing outside the Dacha, Moscow 2009

Tchaikovsky twins on a boat, Moscow 2009

Eva in her living room, Moscow 2008

Vasilisa in a pink dress, Moscow 2009

Vadim on his roof terrace, Moscow 2009

Arina in her garage, Moscow 2009

Natisia's younger brother shooting at ballerinas, Moscow 2008

Arina at the horse club, Moscow 2009

Lisa in her father's antique store, Moscow 2010

Liza, Katya, and Sofia in their mother's jewelry store, Moscow 2009

Veronika and Jana at the Pushkin theatre, Moscow 2009

Nastia inside the costume wardrobe, Moscow 2009

Alisa in her mother's fur store, Moscow 2009

Uma descending her staircase, Moscow 2009

Anotoska as a Gusar, Moscow 2010

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