Listia Just Announced a Loyalty Program for Your Unwanted Goods

Gee ChuangListia founder Gee Chuang.

Listia, a trading marketplace where users get in-house credits instead of cash for items sold, is now making selling your old stuff a lot more interesting with a loyalty program, Listia Rewards.Founded by Gee Chuang, the online auction-style barter site originally awarded credits based on how much stuff you listed for sale. Once a user earns credits, they can jump on Listia and buy used goods from other members. Its mission is not to provide cash but promote reusing through trading. 

The new rewards program works similarly to a credit-card’s loyalty points program. Anything from gas money for a year to brand-new children’s toys to an amazing trip to Hawaii is available. Rewards range in value from $20 to $16,000. Listia is hoping to offer more valuable rewards as its business grows.

Over the last year, the value of its listings grew 400%. Listia saw the Rewards Store as a natural extension to its current offering. 

To date, Listia has received $2.17 million in funding from Y Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, Founder Collective, and others. 

Check out the screen shot below:

Listia Reward Store


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