LISTEN: The Jailhouse Phone Calls That Got Shellie Zimmerman In Hot Water

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Photo: Courtesy of AP

George Zimmerman’s wife Shellie was arrested last week for allegedly lying about the couple’s finances to secure a lower bond for her husband.Prosecutors used a series of time-stamped phone calls to claim the Zimmermans discussed transferring thousands of dollars out of his bank account.

On six phone calls, which are roughly 15 minutes long each, the Zimmermans appear to discuss transferring small amounts of money into Shellie’s account and into his sister’s account.

“You’re an angel, sis,” George says on one call.

Later, he tells his wife, “Transfer from mine to yours every day,” apparently referring to transferring small amounts of money daily.

“Thank you honey,” George tells his wife. “I’m so proud of you.”

In another call, the Zimmermans chat about leaving the jail inconspicuously if he obtains bail. “Well, I have my hoodie,” George says, apparently chuckling.

Shellie figures out how to log into George's bank account.

George and Shellie appear to be speaking in code about money transfers.

George talks about receiving a lot of public support.

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