LIST: What Some Of Australia's Chairmen Earned In A Year For Being The Boss Of A Board

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The Australian Financial Review has a story today on the pay-packets of Australia’s chairmen.

While salaries have declined by 3.5% to an average of $481,000 (down from almost $500,000) the heads of Australia’s boards still take home a tidy pay cheque.

Here is a list of highest-paid non-executive director roles in the country in 2012, most of whom are chairman:

  • Rio Tinto chairman Jan du Plessis on $1,288,018
  • BHP Billiton chairman Jac Nasser on $1,154,267
  • Commonwealth Bank chairman David Turner on $831,619
  • Macquarie Group chairman Kevin McCann on $825,000
  • ANZ chairman John Morchel on $790,949
  • Lynas Corp non-executive director William Forde on $785,645
  • NAB chairman Michael Chaney on $770,000
  • IAG chairman Brian Schwartz on $755,000
  • Westfield chairman Frank Lowy on $750,000
  • Woodside Petroleum chairman Michael Chaney on $726,000

There is more on the story here.

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