28 NFL Players Have Been Arrested Since The Super Bowl

Justin blackmonAPJaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon was arrested in Oklahoma and charged with marijuana possession.

Twenty-eight NFL players have been arrested since the Seahawks beat the Broncos in the most recent Super Bowl on Feb. 2.

That’s nearly identical to the 27 players who were arrested in the 2013 NFL offseason.

Ray Rice was the first player to get arrested, but he wasn’t the last.

Using the Union-Tribune’s invaluable NFL arrest database and other published reports, we compiled the list of 28 players who were arrested this offseason. In total, there were three domestic violence arrests, six DWI/DUI arrests, and a host of drug-related arrests.

There were also arrests on charges of making a false bomb threat, soliciting a prostitute, and possessing brass knuckles.

Most of the cases are unresolved, and many of the charges have already been dropped.

Here’s the full list, from most recent to oldest:

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