Detroit Lions player got stuck with a $250 Uber fare in London for a shopping trip with teammates

Dan Mullan/GettyJoique Bell reportedly paid for the ridiculous Uber ride because he’s a veteran.

The Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs are the next group of teams playing an NFL game in London.

The Lions were off Tuesday, so several members of the team went to explore London and do some shopping.

According to ESPN, it ended up being an expensive day for running back Joique Bell, who footed the bill for the trip from London back to the team’s hotel in Watford, England.

Bell reportedly paid £166 — US $US253 — for an Uber ride back to the team’s facility.

Bell told reporters that as the veteran of the team, he was responsible for the bill. He said of the day trip:

“We went to Harrod’s. We went to Zara. I was ready to go within two hours. We had to wait three hours for Theo [Riddick] really to finish shopping. So we left there, went to go get a bit to eat and caught a very expensive Uber ride back up here.”

The driver also reportedly got lost on the way, which surely didn’t help matters. According to Google Maps, the drive from London to Watford takes a little over an hour.

Bell is making $US3.5 million this season, so while he can afford it, he surely wasn’t excited to pay $US253 for a car ride.

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