Apple’s New Lion Recovery Tool Is A Must-Download In Case Your Hard Drive Crashes

lion wrench title image

[credit provider=”Illustration: Ellis Hamburger”]

Apple just released the Lion Recovery Disk Assistant, a new tool designed to help users recover if they experience a serious hard drive crash.The tool is an alternative to the standard way of recovering your disk: letting your Mac download the entirety of Lion from Apple servers and re-installing it.

This takes a long time, and assumes that your hard drive still works.

The Recovery Disk Assistant lets you create a bootable disk on any external hard drive or thumb drive with more than 1 GB of storage, so even if your drive fails, you can run some diagnostics and get things up and running again.

It’s different from Lion DiskMaker, a tool we wrote about last week, because it lets you repair and recover Lion, not install it on a new machine.

Click here to download the Lion Recovery Disk Assistant.

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