HOW TO: Manage All Your Open Apps In Lion Using Mission Control

If you’re anything like us, you have an absurd number of applications and windows open on your Mac right now.

Apple has always had cool ways to organise your workspace and switch between apps efficiently. But with the release of Lion, they might have outdone themselves by creating Mission Control.

It’s an app manager of sorts, simultaneously pulling together Exposé, Dashboard, and Spaces with a single mouse gesture — swiping up with three fingers.

mission control

That motion reveals the following layout — you have easy access to your dashboard, dock, Spaces, and any open apps. If it helps, think of this as Exposé ib steroids. Click on any app to switch to it.

mission control

The only thing that might be a little tricky to understand is Spaces — each Space is represented by an icon across the top of Mission Control view. Just click on one to switch to it.

mission control

 If you want to see Mission Control in action, just check out the video below: