Over One-Third Of LinkedIn Users Visit The Service On Mobile Devices

LinkedIn hosted an event earlier this week to announce changes to its suite of mobile products. Management also took the opportunity to boast that in the third quarter of 2013, “mobile accounted for 38% of unique visiting members.”

In the second quarter of 2012 — the last time LinkedIn reported a mobile user number — 23% of the site’s unique visitors had accessed the site via a mobile device. The company also reported that 106 million unique users visited the social network overall that quarter, which means 24 million unique visitors accessed on mobile.

Although LinkedIn will not report third quarter performance until October 29, we can do a few calculations to estimate just how many mobile users LinkedIn has — and estimate how many LinkedIn users will access on mobile next year.

Overall unique visitors to LinkedIn grew at an average quarterly rate of 7.75% over the last four quarters. At that rate, LinkedIn should have approximately 154 million unique visitors this quarter. Using the 38% figure cited earlier, that translates to 59 million visitors accessing the site via a mobile device, and an average of 7 million new mobile visitors every quarter since the second quarter of 2012.

Assuming the current growth rate, 42% of LinkedIn’s unique visitors will come from mobile in the fourth quarter of 2014. However, with an enhanced suite of mobile product offerings, we expect half of LinkedIn’s user base to be accessing the site via a mobile device before the end of next year.

This mobile growth is good news for LinkedIn, because the company found that users who access the site via mobile and desktop are 2.5-times more active than those who use desktop only.

Download the chart and data in Excel.

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