How to win in the first 90 days of your new job -- 9 super simple tips from LinkedIn

It’s never easy to start a new job.

Leaving a strong first impression is even harder.

But following these nine tips by LinkedIn will make life at your new job much easier.

1. Grab a bite with a colleague: LinkedIn says just a few casual conversations with the right people early on could go a long way, and give a head start in your new role.

2. Get to know your manager's work style: It's very important to 'speak the same language' as your boss. For example, find out if they prefer emails or direct conversations. LinkedIn says those little things could 'set you up for future success.'


4. Get familiar with the culture: 'Knowing the dos and don'ts' in your company can help you quickly become part of the team, and help build your reputation.

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6. Find your company in the news: See what the media and other influencers are saying about your company. “Read about your company’s history, so you can understand its DNA,” Guy Kawasaki told LinkedIn.

7. Learn from the experts: It's important to follow industry experts and thought leaders, and hear what they're saying about the overall industry trend.

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8. Learn from your peers: Strike a casual conversation with your peers, and they might be able to help you learn more about your new job than anyone else. 'Sometimes the best way to learn is talking with someone just like you,' LinkedIn says.


9. Build on your expertise: Try to study and learn about your work outside of the office too. There are tons of websites that offer online classes, including Lynda, Coursera, and Khan Academy. 'A few quick classes outside of the office can help take your work from good to great,' LinkedIn says.

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