Here's The Top LinkedIn Tip From Its Director Of Product Management

Kevin Simon, LinkedIn’s director of product management, leads the team responsible for the site’s Identity and Search products.

Naturally, he’s a LinkedIn whiz, and in a recent interview he shared one of his favourite tips for members.

“The number one thing I’d like members to know is that you’re limiting your prospects and doing yourself a disservice by only updating your profile when you’re hunting for a job,” he says. “Eighty-per cent of opportunities are going to those who were discovered when they weren’t actively looking.”

Professionals who update their profiles are more likely to be called for enriching, if not strictly job-related, opportunities like nonprofit board positions, speaking engagements, or mentorship.

“Having the ability to highlight everything from what you’ve accomplished to what you aspire to do, beyond your 9-5 role — is critical to making sure the right people can find you,” he says.

Simon also shared his favourite member stories, like a man who used LinkedIn to help him change careers after 28 years as a flight attendant, and a newscaster who used LinkedIn to find her kid’s Mandarin tutor.

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