LinkedIn Just Completely Revamped Its Mobile App To Help You Make More Connections

NetworkingGetty ImagesLinkedIn helps you network digitally.

LinkedIn just released a new update to its flagship app that revamps the look and experience to ultimately make it even easier for you to make and strengthen connections.

“We want to help you tell your professional story in the best way possible,” Tomer Cohen, LinkedIn’s head of mobile, told Business Insider. “We want to help you put your best self forward.”

The goal of the redesigned app is to bring the highlights of your career to the forefront in a more visually appealing way, so that someone can get a feel for who you are and what you do with a quick glance. If you use LinkedIn to publish long-form posts with advice, inspiration, or reflections about you professional experience, those will also appear near the top of your profile.

The company has also baked in the ability to nudge you to fill in any missing profile components you might need to add, and makes it much easier to edit it on the go. Cohen says that users tha have their education listed on their profiles are 10X more likely to be noticed on LinkedIn.

One of the biggest updates to the app is that it will make “Insights” much more visible than it was before. This means that every time someone looks at your profile, you’ll get a notification. Cohen recommends using those profile views as an intro to starting a conversation.

The ultimate goal of the updates? To make it easier for LinkedIn members to find things in common, so that they can reach out and connect, or to help them prep before a meeting so they have something more interesting to talk about than the weather.

Check out the improvements by looking at the new and the old version of the app.

The old:

The new:

You can check out check out the new profile by downloading the latest version of LinkedIn’s Android, iPhone, or iPad app.

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