LinkedIn removed an important feature -- and its users aren't happy

LinkedIn Jeff WeinerGetty Images/Mandel NganLinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner.

LinkedIn has removed the ability to export contacts, and its users aren’t happy with it.

VentureBeats reports that LinkedIn used to let users download all of their contacts into an offline file, which was a pretty useful feature.

But LinkedIn said on Thursday that it would no longer let users easily download a list of their contacts.

There’s still a way to get your contacts, though. LinkedIn points out that users can request an archive of their data, and it will contain contacts. But that process can take up to 72 hours, unlike the site’s former contact download feature, which happened immediately.

Many users aren’t happy about the change, and some are accusing LinkedIn of using it to try to keep people on the platform:



 We reached out to LinkedIn for a comment on this story and will update the article if the company responds.

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