The founder of LinkedIn made his own card game that skewers Donald Trump

Reid hoffman
LinkedIn founder and chairman Reid Hoffman. Kimberly White/Getty Images

Reid Hoffman clearly doesn’t want a Donald Trump presidency — and he’s trying creative methods to ensure it doesn’t happen.

The LinkedIn cofounder announced on Monday that he would give up to $5 million of his own money to a veterans’ campaign if Trump releases his tax returns. Now, he’s created his own “Cards Against Humanity”-style game that roasts the Republican nominee and attempts to educate people in the process.

According to a lengthy piece from Backchannel’s Jessi Hempel, Hoffman has created a card game called “Trumped Up Cards” that aims to be a “fun souvenir” as well as a “piece of political satire and an entertaining method for educating the general public.” The profits from the game will be donated to charity, Hoffman told Backchannel.

Like “Cards Against Humanity,” the game is designed to be played with multiple people. It features blue and white cards — questions are on the blue cards, answers on the white. One player lays down the question card while the rest of the players respond with their own answers. A question might be “What’s the biggest threat facing America?” while an answer may be “Day 293 of the Trump presidency.” The kicker? According to Backchannel, you can also “play the woman card,” which lets players get rid of a female player’s answer.

Head over to Backchannel for a closer look at the game and more on Hoffman’s political leanings.

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