LINKEDIN: Mid-Level Professionals Are Looking For Their Next Job Within Two Years

The days of staying in the same job for your entire career are gone, LinkedIn says.

Surveying more than 6000 individuals, LinkedIn today released its “Life of a Professional” study. It found 77 per cent of Australian workers with between one to five years’ experience and 69 per cent of professionals with six to 10 years’ experience expected to be offered a promotion within two years at their current job.

The study also found 46 per cent of professionals with one to five years’ experience and 36 per cent with six to 10 years’ said they would consider moving to a new job within two years.

LinkedIn said higher pay, a solid team and career opportunities were what swayed employees to stay in their current job. Seventy-seven per cent of respondents with up to 10 years’ experience indicated they would stay on if a pay rise was put on the table, and just over 50% said they would stay if a promotion was offered. About 40% indicated they would stay for good colleagues.

“Mid-career professionals are more assertive in getting what they want out of their career and employers,” Sally-Anne Blanshard, career coach at Nourish, said.

“As seen in the survey results, they value greater opportunities at work, financial rewards and a good team to work with.

“Employers need to think about how they can best cater to the needs of mid-career professionals to ensure they are continually engaged by creating opportunities that challenge them, meet their professional goals and also help them achieve a healthy work-life balance.”

The study also found respondents across all experience levels in Australia were happy with their work-life balance, with the majority (46%) indicating they worked between 36 and 40 hours a week.

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