Competition for jobs has nearly doubled in Australia, according to new data from LinkedIn

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  • New figures from LinkedIn has found competition for jobs has nearly doubled.
  • It found that the number of applications for a job has risen from around 20 during the start of the year to nearly 40.
  • The research also highlighted the sectors that were hiring during July, including transport and logistics and healthcare.
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It’s now twice as competitive when you apply for a job, according to new findings from LinkedIn.

In its Labour Market Update, LinkedIn found that while the job market is slowly starting to improve, job opportunities for Australians have become twice as competitive.

LinkedIn looked at data between February 11 and July 31, finding that competition for jobs have nearly doubled compared to the start of 2020. It has jumped from around 20 applications per job to nearly 40.

Image: LinkedIn

And while hiring has been slowly rising in July, it’s still down year on year.

“There is no doubt that COVID-19 has hit the Australian economy hard, and while there are signs of recovery, we have to put it in context,” LinkedIn’s APAC Senior Economist Pei Ying Chua said in a statement. “An unprecedented number of people have lost their jobs as a result of this pandemic, and it will likely take some time before we get back to the levels of growth and strength we saw before the pandemic hit.”

Image: LinkedIn

Because of the amount of competition – as well as generally poor job supply – job seekers are more likely to apply for jobs outside their industry. This particularly applies to people in industries hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic such as travel, recreation and entertainment.

Job openings were mainly concentrated around positions for essential workers. The sectors that were hiring during July these included transport and logistics, healthcare, public administration, retail and manufacturing.

On the flip side, sectors that weren’t hiring included consumer goods, corporate services, education, hardware and networking and media and communications.

Image: LinkedIn

The figures come after the ABS found there were more than one million unemployed Australians in July for the first time during the pandemic, with Australia’s unemployment rate rising to 7.5% during the month.

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