LinkedIn is quietly testing a new mentor app in Australia

Fashion week in Sydney. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

LinkedIn has for the last week been testing in Australia a function called Career Advice which connects users who are prepared to be mentors with those seeking expert help in their career development.

To find the new service, go to your profile view and look for the dashboard:

Image: Screenshot

Fill out your preferences:

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Area of expertise to choose include administrative, business and strategy, community and social services, consulting, design, education, engineering and technology, finance, marketing, media and communications, military and protective services, operations and product management.

And pick an industry. LinkedIn then makes suggestions on who to make contact with.

LinkedIn’s Director of Product Management, Hari Srinivasan, told Business Insider Career Advice is a world-first interactive platform for professionals, employees and workers to offer support and advice to jobseekers.

“Essentially it is a new free service that connects LinkedIn members with others in their industry to act as mentors for them, and for those mentee members to seek career advice,” he says.

LinkedIn members don’t need to be connected with each other on LinkedIn to communicate.

“Both sides have to say they are interested. A mentor comes in and says they want to be a mentor and a careers adviser,” says Srinivasan.

Mobile screenshot. Image: LinkedIn

“Another comes in and wants advice. They specify a bit about what each wants and we match them together.

“There’s a lot of questions around, ‘Hey, I’m wanting to make a job change’ or things about starting a company. And these are questions that LinkedIn is for.

“And we saw these conversations to organically happen and we thought the community could do more. So we created product that enabled these interactions.”

First LinkedIn started using the product enhancement internally and then last week released a small test in Australia and in San Francisco.

“It’s still pretty early,” says Srinivasan.

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