LinkedIn Is Looking For A Director Of Ad Products

LinkedIn is in the process of recruiting a director of ad products, the company confirmed to Business Insider.

“We look forward to hiring a top-notch candidate for this role. As we continue to invest in our Marketing Solutions business, we are looking to expand our talented product team to help build the next generation of advertising and content marketing offerings,” LinkedIn tells us.

The role could be somewhat similar to the one occupied by Gokul Rajaram at Facebook, who is director of ad products at that company. Last year, Rajaram and his team saw the rollout of up to a dozen new forms of paid ad media vehicles on Facebook, including its FBX ad exchange and mobile ads.

While LinkedIn has not had trouble attracting recruiters to use its network, its “marketing solutions” division — display ad sales for brands, etc. — remains the smallest of its three lines of business. (The others are subscriptions and talent solutions, i.e. recruiting.)

LinkedIn is also building up its LinkedIn Today news product, under executive editor Dan Roth. Obviously, advertisers love being next to highly relevant content — so watch for new ad products in that space once LinkedIn has made its choice.

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