LinkedIn Just Made Its iPhone App Much Easier To Use

linkedin new app

LinkedIn is on a tear.

The professional social network is growing fast, particularly in mobile.

With this in mind, the company launched a complete overhaul to its iPhone app today.

LinkedIn’s mobile traffic has spiked from 15% of its total a year ago to 27% this year, according to the company.

Based on these data, the company is placing an increased focus on its mobile offerings.

The new app streamlines the user experience and makes it much easier to get around. One of the core principles behind the app’s development was to help users get to features in one tap instead of three or four like before.

The app update is free and available for iPhone.

LinkedIn's iPhone app just went through a huge make over. To see the new changes, first hand head to the App Store on your iPhone. It'll be under updates section if you already have the older version of LinkedIn installed on your phone.

Once you've downloaded the update, tap to open.

You'll be greeted by a new visual.

After you enter your email and password, the first thing you'll see is the new stream. LinkedIn has drastically changed its visual design. The new stream gives you a digest of what's happening in your day.

Joining the conversation from your main feed is very simple. You don't have to leave the stream, just start typing a comment.

These are the options you can choose from to customise your side drawer.

You can fill the bottom list with as many options as you like.

Notifications are still easy to get to and you can keep track of who's viewing your profile.

Accepting new invitations to connect is now much easier and streamlined. Right below invitations are your messages from connections.

Your profile is now one tap away and it's very simple to update on the go. Here's what it looks like.

You can connect your iPhone address book with your LinkedIn account to sync your contacts.

Here's what happens when you tap the download connections option. This lets you add all of your LinkedIn connections to your iPhone address book.

For the job seekers out there, you can easily find LinkedIn's offerings for you.

Sharing is also simple. If you see a profile that you want to send to a friend or colleague, tap the arrow in the top right corner and a menu with some options will appear.

Here's the settings menu. It's pretty basic, but there is a neat option to connect your phone's calendar to the app.

If you choose to sync your calendar with the app, you can get the latest information about people you're meeting with.

Overall, LinkedIn's massive iPhone upgrade is a welcome change. The apps new navigation makes getting around the app much easier.

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