Watch These LinkedIn Interns Set The World On Fire

You’ll just have to forgive LinkedIn workers for feeling super, super stoked about working at the professional social network right now—especially the youngest, newest ones.

Check out these charming and talented LinkedIn interns doing a riff on Fun’s “We Are Young,” full of nerdy programmer jokes (GitHub repos, anyone?) and references to LinkedIn’s hot-selling products, like Pro Account subscriptions.

Their boisterous cheer is not overdone. We just toured LinkedIn headquarters and the place is en fuego. CEO Jeff Weiner is a magazine coverboy. LinkedIn just announced second-quarter revenues that beat expectations, and it raised guidance for the year.

It’s on the brink of doing a billion dollars in annual sales.

Money aside, LinkedIn has become a major draw for Silicon Valley talent once again. To use CFO Steve Sordello’s colourful word, the company increased its “throughput” of engineering hires in the quarter.

LinkedIn’s summer interns are participating in a hack day tomorrow, where they’re going to stay up all night and develop new products. If they throw this much energy into their music, imagine what they can code.