This new feature on LinkedIn lets you record your name so your contacts know how to pronounce it

Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images
  • LinkedIn has a new feature which lets you record your name so people know how to pronounce it.
  • The feature is currently available on the LinkedIn Android and iOS app.
  • Your recording will feature next to your name in your introduction card on LinkedIn.
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LinkedIn has a new feature that lets you record your name so people know how to pronounce it.

If – like me – you have a name that many people find difficult to pronounce, this feature could be a way to help.

You can record and display the pronunciation of your name on your LinkedIn profile. So when people meet you in person (or via video chat) they can address you correctly.

This feature can only be accessed through LinkedIn’s Android or iOS mobile app.

How to use it

To use it, first tap your profile picture and go to ‘view profile’. Then hit the ‘edit’ icon and tap the ‘+ record name pronunciation’ section. Press and hold the recording button to record your name.

Once you’re happy with the recording, click ‘use’ then ‘save’. And later on, if you want to change your voice recording, you can always edit it.

The recording will come up next to your name in your introduction card. If you’ve chosen for your last name only to come up for your connections, you can specify the visibility of your name pronunciation in the ‘name display restriction’ pop-up.

LinkedIn also provided some extra tips on making the best recording. Hold your phone about 10 centimetres from your face and reduce any background noise.There’s a 10-second limit but make sure you speak slowly and pronounce your name clearly.

The new feature comes after LinkedIn launched a ‘Stories’ feature in Australia where users can take photos, record 20-second videos and upload images for their connections to see.