LinkedIn Exec: Here's How We Built A $13.25 Billion Company With 200 Million Users

linkedin Krista Canfield

As the Senior Director of Design & Web Development at LinkedIn, Steve Johnson is directly instrumental in LinkedIn’s huge $13.25 billion market cap and user base of 200 million.

He recently shared the following deck on how LinkedIn’s culture played into this killer growth.

Why not take a look and see if these strategies can work for your company too?

Here are some strategies that LinkedIn uses that you can employ in your own company

Recruiters should be as much a part of the team as anyone

Stay gimmick-free

Make sure that your brand is something worth being proud of

Don't worry so much about who's in charge of who else

Make sure that your values are known and put into practice

Your team will recognise the achievers

Your users will obviously catch the small details that make your product one of distinct quality

The best product comes from everyone working together across departments

Make sure to get lots of voices and personalities working together

Get people working on different things every now and then

Keep employees engaged with each other by having them teach and share

If someone excels at a particular skill, single him out for it

Keep your product intuitive and effortless to use

User experience should always be considered in every decision

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