INSTANT MBA: LinkedIn Cofounder Says To 'Remove Money From The Equation As A Motivation'

Reid Hoffman LinkedIn

Photo: LinkedIn

Today’s advice comes from Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, via Fast Company
“There’s a couple of ways to keep your energy and your drive and your curiosity alive. One is the people you work with.

You feed off each other’s energy for the mission of what you are doing in the world, for what you are trying to achieve, for tackling those problems with a collaborative team spirit. Those are key.” 

Hoffman believes it’s important for leaders in the company to remain optimistic, even if the business isn’t doing so well. According to him, people feed off of each other’s energy. Leaders should be able to thrive under pressure, still pushing forward even in the face of recent losses. It’s important to maintain a light-hearted attitude. If you don’t believe in the company, no one will. Hoffman also advises to stay focused on the primary goal of the business, and remove money from the equation as a motivation factor.

“Also, remembering what you are trying to do. Entrepreneurs very rarely succeed when they just say, ‘Well, what I am trying to do is just make a lot of money.’ “

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