LinkedIn CEO: Yep, We Want To Go Public Within Three Years*

LinkedIn CEO Dan Nye just stopped by CNBC for a post-funding victory lap. No stunning news here, but Dan does emphasise that the exit plan for his investors will involve that genuine rarity in tech these days — an IPO. Rush transcript courtesy of TVEyes:

Q: Are you entertaining an ipo at any point in the near future?

Dan Nye: Our investors are blue chip. They are the best investors in the world… and, you know, they are expecting to have a return and valuation that is far higher than the $1 billion [we have] today. So we’re building a company with durable revenue streams, capable of being an independent company. They are looking for a return. At some point there is likely there would be an ipo.

*PaidContent kept watching CNBC, and says that later in the day, Bain partner Jeff Glass told the network he expected an IPO within three years.


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