LinkedIn CEO: Here’s What We’ll Do With All That IPO Money

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner took to Bloomberg TV this morning to talk about the company’s skyrocketing IPO and the company’s plans for the future.

He said he was “very comfortable” with where the IPO was priced, despite that it left more than $100 million on the table, and explained some of the company’s plans for growth:

  • Hiring Solutions — the company’s fee-based offerings for employee recruitment. “The premium subscriptions audience which enables us to cherrypick products and services to get them in front of the right member at the right time. We’re going to continue to invest across that portfolio. Today, hiring solutions is the largest and fastest growing of the three.”

  • Europe. “We’re going to be aggressively expanding there. It will be rolling out beyond London. We opened up in Amsterdam this past year, Dublin international operational headquarters. We will push out into the Nordics and further into Western Europe with additional sales and marketing resources.”
  • Acquisitions. “On the acquisition front, we will probably stay toward the smaller end of that range, looking for talent and for technology that can accelerate our product roadmap. If we find potential tuck-ins that could be accretive on a top and bottom line basis, we would obviously consider those as well.”

Here’s the full interview below: