LinkedIn: Australian Execs Overwhelmingly Say Family Is The Top Measure Of Success

LinkedIn is out with more results from its study, Life of a Professional, and it has found the number one measure of success among Australian senior professionals is family, far ahead of money.

Almost two-thirds of senior professionals in Australia see having a family as their top measure of success, followed by owning a nice house (47%) and having a high income (37%).

But having it all is difficult.

When asked if they would be able to leave work to start a family one in five said it was or would be difficult for them. Over one quarter of respondents said they found it or would find it difficult to move from full-time work to a part-time arrangement.

Interestingly, close to a quarter of those surveyed said volunteering their time and skills to important causes is a top measure of success in life.

More than 6000 individuals were surveyed to gain a better understanding of individuals at different stages of their career. These results were from Australian professionals with more than 11 years’ experience.

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