The Lingerie Football League Says It Fired Some Of The Refs Now Officiating In The NFL Due To Incompetence

lingerie football league

Players, fans and the media alike are freaking out over the controversial end of the Monday Night Football game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks.

Now, Jack Dickey at Deadspin has a spectacular little detail about some of the NFL replacement refs.

The Lingerie Football League, which earlier wouldn’t offer a comment about a ref who was supposedly fired by the women’s league, has something to tell NFL fans.¬†

Here’s the statement that the LFL gave to Deadspin (emphasis ours):

Because of the LFL’s perception it is that much more critical for us to hire officiating crews that are competent, not only for the credibility of our game but to keep our athletes safer. Due to several on-field incompetent officiating we chose to part ways with with a couple crews which apparently are now officiating in the NFL. We have a lot of respect for our officials but we felt the officiating was not in line with our expectations.

We have not made public comment to date because we felt it was not our place to do so. However in light of tonight’s event, we felt it was only fair that NFL fans knew the truth as to who are officiating these games.

Oof, Commissioner Goodell.

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