Tiger Woods' Girlfriend Is The Most Hardcore Fan In Golf

lindsey vonn masters

Lindsey Vonn doesn’t have to be schlepping around to golf tournaments.

She’s arguably the best female skier in the world, and she only has a few more months to get ready for the 2014 Olympics.

But since she started dating Tiger Woods, she has been in the crowd at all his major tournaments. Today at the British Open, Tiger invited Lindsey inside the ropes to walk nine holes with him — the first time anyone can remember Tiger doing that.

She has trudged through mud at the US Open, walked on a bum knee, and done much more to be there for Tiger.

They *officially* started dating before the start of the PGA season.

She has been a fixture at his events ever since.

She's currently recovering from a torn ACL.

But she showed up to tournaments and walked around anyway.

Source: NYT

When her knee gets tired she summons a golf cart.

She's dedicated.

She followed Tiger at the US Open despite inches of mud.

Since she's six months away from the Olympics, no one would begrudge her skipping some golf events.

But instead she's everywhere Tiger is.

She sat on the green and watched Tiger practice chips at the British Open.

She followed Tiger around all day.

She's still doing crazy week-long training camps in Austria.

But she's also there for Tiger.

She took this photo at the British Open practice round. It was the first time Tiger has ever had a significant other with him during a major championship practice round.

These two.

She'll be out there in full force this week at Muirfield.

And when the Olympics roll around in February, we imagine a very cold-looking Tiger Woods will return the favour and be on the mountain with her.

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