Republican senator accuses Russia of hacking his accounts

Lindsey grahamScreenshot via CNNSen. Lindsey Graham.

Sen. Lindsey Graham accused Russian hackers of targeting his campaign account in an interview on CNN Wednesday.

Graham, a former Republican presidential candidate, said the vendor that administered his campaign’s accounts was hacked in June.

“This is not a Republican/Democratic issue. I want to punish them for interfering in our elections, trying to destabilize the entire world,” Graham said.

Graham floated the possibility of “crippling sanctions” to help rein in Russia. CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer rebutted the assertion, saying Trump likely would not support stronger sanctions.

“I don’t work for Donald Trump,” Graham said, “I’m in the legislative branch. We have the ability to formulate foreign policy, but he’s the commander in chief … I want to help reset the world when it comes to Russia.”

Graham, a Republican senator from South Carolina, was a contender in the GOP primary before dropping out of the race in December last year. A CIA analysis of Russia’s alleged interference in the US presidential election determined that hackers close to the Russian government gained access to both the Democratic and Republican parties. 

While US intelligence officials say no information pertinent to the Republican Party was released, troves of emails and documents damaging to Democratic organisations and its presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton were released via WikiLeaks in the months leading up to the election.

Watch Sen. Lindsey Graham’s comments below:

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Russians hacked into my campaign account
— CNN (@CNN) December 14, 2016

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Russians hacked into my campaign account
— CNN (@CNN) December 14, 2016

Sen. Lindsey Graham on Trump’s comments about hacking: “If this was a 400 lb. guy, it was a 400 lb. Russian guy”
— CNN (@CNN) December 14, 2016

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