Lindsay Lohan Is Asking You To Use Her Uber Referral Code So She Can Take Free Rides

The rich keep getting richer, but they’d like to take their Uber rides for free.

Lindsay Lohan, who is not endorsed by the private driver app, took to Twitter, tweeting out her personal Uber referral code.

If someone (perhaps one of her many millions of followers) uses the code when they take their first Uber ride, Lohan gets a $US10 dollar credit to her Uber account. In January, Uber upped the incentive to $US20.

We read about this at Betabeat.

Anyone who has used Uber at least once has the opportunity to share their code with anyone, but it’s only good for the first ride. This means Lohan is now competing with you (yes, you!) when it comes to sharing referral codes with your friends that may follow her on Twitter.

Here’s Lindsay’s tweet:

Lohan isn’t the only celebrity cashing in. Betabeat reports similar tweets from Neil Patrick Harris and Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) have been making the rounds as well.

Lohan, with over 7 million followers, could be taking a lot of joyrides in an Uber this year.

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