Lindsay Lohan Just Warned About Imminent Hyperinflation In America

The latest tweet from Linday Lohan is this one:


Photo: Linsday Lohan

Now you’ll notice it’s a sponsored tweet, so we don’t really know what Linsday Lohan thinks about the Fed and quantitative easing. She’s just using her Twitter feed to spread the message.

The mesage, meanwhile, is paid for by the National Inflation Association, which is a group devoted to warning that an imminent Weimar/Zimbabwe-like scenario will happen in the US without gigantic spending cuts.

Their mission is literally to help in “Preparing Americans For Hyperinflation” and their website features pictures like this one, from Zimbabwe:


Photo: National Inflation Association

It’s actually a cute picture, even if it is depressing from a monetary sense.

The funniest, part, really is that someone, somewhere thought that Lindsay Lohan’s twitter feed was a good vehicle to spread the evils of government spending, and Fed printing.

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