WATCH: Lindsay Lohan Talks Mistakes, Gotti Role And Her Parents On “The Tonight Show”

lohan leno

Lindsay Lohan’s appearance on “The Tonight Show” last night had an air of head-of-state about it.

When Lohan walked out, Jay Leno stood and clapped for her — and the audience followed suit.

Then, Lohan dominated the couch for not one, not two, but three segments.

(No one’s going to remember what poor Jillian Michaels was promoting for the five minutes she snuck in at the end.)

But this morning, it’s not clear who gained what from the interview.

Lohan seemed contrite, offering up plenty of vague talk on her “mistakes” and her “poor decisions” — but she was still a little flip.

And Leno came off a little dodgy, greasing Lohan up and then halfheartedly prodding her, only to back off nervously if she bristled.

When he tried to bring up her parents, Lohan murmured, “Am I supposed to respond to that?” And Leno, spooked, ran in the other direction, babbling about whether Lohan likes New York or L.A. better.

Video below.