Lindsay Lohan Got SHAFTED

I feel for you, girl.

From CNN: “Lindsay Lohan was ordered Friday to serve 120 days in jail for violating her probation by her arrest in a necklace theft case. She was immediately taken into custody.”

Admittedly, I have a somewhat shady past when it comes to supporting jailed female celebrities — I created the “Free Paris” movement, after all, and was the object of Nancy Grace’s scorn as a result. (Although, to be fair, she is a genuinely awesome and nice person during commercial breaks.)

Anyway — I don’t think Lindsay Lohan deserved the rap she got.

I won’t be working to “free” her, as I’ve fully gotten the fameball out of my system, yet I can’t help feel a bit sorry for a woman around my age with lousy parents, worse managers, and a legal team that failed to call out the obvious: Lindsay Lohan has been singled out because of who she is, rather than because of the severity of her alleged parole violation.

And it seems obvious, to me, that the jewelry store is trying to benefit from this PR wise at every single step (which is disgusting, because jail time is no joke), but that’s merely my opinion.

What do you think?