Lindsay Lohan Gets 90 Days In The Slammer

Lindsay Lohan sentenced.

Photo: AP

Lindsay Lohan’s tearful courtroom plea didn’t work. Richard Winton and Andrew Blankstein, LA Times:

A Beverly Hills judge Tuesday sentenced Lindsay Lohan to 90 days in jail for repeatedly violating the terms of her probation, ignoring the actress’ tearful pleas for one more chance.

In a dramatic courtroom showdown, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Marsha N. Revel listened as Lohan promised to do better and defended her failure to attend weekly alcohol education classes and follow earlier orders by the judge.

But Revel was having none if it, offering a list of instances in which the actress lied to the court and to authorities. Revel handed down three 30-day sentences and also ordered her to spend 90 days in a locked-down drug rehabilitation facility — a much stiffer penalty than L.A. prosecutors had sought.

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Here’s the tearful plea and sentencing:


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