Lindsay Campbell Returns!

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Former Wallstrip and Moblogic host Lindsay Campbell is back on screen.

She’s hosting a “branded entertainment” show for New York startup NextNewNetworks and sponsor American Express called ‘Small Business Rules’.

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Last we heard, Lindsay was still working for CBS, which acquired Wallstrip for ~$5 million back in 2007.

But Lindsay tells Web TV blog NewTeeVee that after CBS pulled the plug on Wallstip and Moblogic, she and some of her Wallstrip cohorts quit the company earlier this summer to start their own called Bright Red Pixels.

NewTeeVee: At Bright Red Pixels, Campbell, Elend and Marks are getting closer to producing the kind of web shows they want to make, including branded shows as well as yet-to-debut original narrative productions made with an angel-funding model.

Here’s how Web TV blog NewTeeVee descirbes Lindsay’s new show:

The show is branded entertainment for American Express and will be distributed on the company’s “Open Forum Idea Hub” site. In a departure for Next New Networks, episodes won’t be posted on YouTube, with the thinking that the content is designed for small business owners coming directly to the American Express microsite, rather than random passerby video surfers. Each episode aims to provide a specific “rule” from a profitable or otherwise successful small business from around the country, including Thrillist, CafeMom, Etsy and the Myriad Restaurant Group. One to two new installments are scheduled to come out each week through the fall.

And here how’s Wallstrip celebrated its 2 year anniversary, which ended up being its last:Watch CBS Videos Online

BONUS: Lindsay’s famous Hallmark ad:

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